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  • Dear customers and friends, I wish you a happy Spring Festival holiday. 

    Dear customers and friends, I wish you a happy Spring Festival holiday. 

    The holidays are coming to an end and we are happy to announce that our company will officially resume business on February 18th. We look forward to your visit to our company. The Spring Festival holiday, also known as Chinese New Year, is a time for families to reunite and celebrate. This is one...
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    Our company is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming 2023 Iran International Printing and Packaging Exhibition. As one of the leading companies in the printing and packaging industry, we are thrilled to showcase our latest products and innovations at this prestigious event. Locate...
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  • Our company’s 10th anniversary

    Our company’s 10th anniversary

    This year marks a major milestone for our company as we celebrate our tenth anniversary. Over the past decade, our company has experienced significant growth and expansion. Starting from an initial factory building of only a few thousand square meters, we are proud to announce that our company ha...
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  • Tablet Press Candy Manufacturing Production Line

    Tablet Press Candy Manufacturing Production Line

    Introducing our latest innovation in the confectionery industry – tableted confectionery production equipment. This cutting-edge machinery revolutionizes the way tableted candy is manufactured, ensuring efficiency, precision and high productivity in the candy manufacturing process. Our tabl...
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    Pillow packaging machine, also known as pillow packaging machine, is a packaging machine that packs products into pillow-like shapes. It is commonly used to package items such as pillows, cushions and other soft goods. The machine works by forming a roll of flexible packaging material, such as pl...
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  • We’re at Our exhibition in Algeria-Djazagro

    Our company participated in the food exhibition in Algeria from the 5th to the 8th of this month and was very happy to showcase our new products to Algerian food companies,Due to the pandemic, we have distanced ourselves from our clients. This time in Algeria, we showcased our new products, the ...
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  • Packing Machine Type

    Packing Machine Type

    A PACKING BAG TYPE ,CAN CHCK SHAPE OF THE FOLLOWING BAGS:   packaging machine is divided into: chocolate packaging machine, candy packaging machine, powder packaging machine, particle packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, weighing packaging machine; sealing machine...
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  • How to Make Chewing Gum

    How to Make Chewing Gum

    All recipes for chewing gum manufactured today share the same main ingredients: a gum base, sweeteners, primarily sugar and corn syrup , and flavorings. Some also contain softeners, such as glycerin(甘油) and vegetable oil. The amount of each added to the mix varies as to which type of gum is b...
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  • Candy Type

    Candy Type

    Lollipops Lollipops are candies that you put a stick through. So their shape looks like a circle with a line through it. Usually in American or European countries, hand-made lollipops are bright coloured and disk-shaped. But a lot of the factory made ones are smaller and spherical. Chocolate Choc...
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