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  • Packing Machine Type

    Packing Machine Type

    A PACKING BAG TYPE ,CAN CHCK SHAPE OF THE FOLLOWING BAGS:   packaging machine is divided into: chocolate packaging machine, candy packaging machine, powder packaging machine, particle packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, sauce packaging machine, weighing packaging machine; sealing machine...
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  • How to Make Chewing Gum

    How to Make Chewing Gum

    All recipes for chewing gum manufactured today share the same main ingredients: a gum base, sweeteners, primarily sugar and corn syrup , and flavorings. Some also contain softeners, such as glycerin(甘油) and vegetable oil. The amount of each added to the mix varies as to which type of gum is b...
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  • Candy Type

    Candy Type

    Lollipops Lollipops are candies that you put a stick through. So their shape looks like a circle with a line through it. Usually in American or European countries, hand-made lollipops are bright coloured and disk-shaped. But a lot of the factory made ones are smaller and spherical. Chocolate Choc...
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