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Our company is excited to announce our participation in the upcoming 2023 Iran International Printing and Packaging Exhibition. As one of the leading companies in the printing and packaging industry, we are thrilled to showcase our latest products and innovations at this prestigious event.

Located at booth number 193951491, our team is eagerly preparing to welcome both new and old friends to visit us at the exhibition. We are looking forward to the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, potential partners, and customers to exchange ideas and explore potential collaborations.


The Iran International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is a highly anticipated event that brings together experts, suppliers, and manufacturers from around the world to showcase the latest advancements in printing and packaging technology. It provides a platform for industry professionals to network, learn about new trends, and discover innovative solutions to enhance their businesses.

Visitors to our booth can expect to see a wide range of our cutting-edge printing and packaging products, including advanced printing machinery, high-quality packaging materials, and eco-friendly solutions that are designed to meet the evolving needs of the market.


In addition to showcasing our products, our team will be on hand to provide personalized demonstrations, answer questions, and discuss how our solutions can benefit businesses in the printing and packaging industry.

We are confident that our participation in the 2023 Iran International Printing and Packaging Exhibition will not only enhance our brand visibility but also strengthen our relationships within the industry. We are dedicated to maintaining our position as a trusted and innovative leader in the market, and we believe that this event will enable us to achieve our goals.


We invite all attendees to join us at booth number 193951491 and discover the latest advancements in printing and packaging. Our team is eagerly waiting to welcome you and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of the industry. See you at the exhibition!


Post time: Dec-15-2023