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Candy Type


Lollipops are candies that you put a stick through. So their shape looks like a circle with a line through it. Usually in American or European countries, hand-made lollipops are bright coloured and disk-shaped. But a lot of the factory made ones are smaller and spherical.


Chocolates are perhaps the most classic and popular of all the candies. It is made from the ingredients cocoa, milk and sugar. It comes in all sorts of shapes and forms: blocks, bars, balls, toffee, ice cream etc. The reason it is popular (besides its splendid sweet taste) is the belief that by eating chocolate, you get a sensation of falling in love (which is why we receive it on Valentine’s Day!).

Chewing Gum

Chewing gums have a lot of flavours: peppermint, strawberry, lime, blueberry etc. And new sugar free ones have been roaming the market in recent years. Although dentists propose that chewing sugar-free gum is actually good for your teeth, a lot of public places (especially schools) still reject chewing gums mainly because it leaves a lot of mess if not thrown into the bin.

Bubble gum

Bubble gums are much the same as the chewing gums mentioned above: they are both lollies that you keep in your mouth but do not swallow. But bubble gums are significantly less dense and usually come in larger pieces. This is so that you can make bubbles out of them. They are a great fun at parties.

Jelly beans

They are those colourful, pretty and sweet little beans that kids really love. Often different colour would signify a different flavous. Thus there is all sorts of discoveries that you can make in a packet of jelly beans.

Candy Categories: Hard candy can be divided into candy, hard candy sandwich, creamed candy, gel candy, polishing candy, gum candy, candy and inflatable pressure tablets and candy. Hard candy is one white sugar, starch-based material syrup taste of a hard, brittle candy; Hard candy is candy sandwich containing rolls of hard candy; White sugar are creamed candy, starch syrup (or other sugar), oil and dairy products mainly made of materials, protein not below 1.5% fat not less than 3.0%, has a special flavor and creamed Coke flavor candy; gel candy is edible glue (or starch), white sugar and starch syrup (sugar or other) material mainly made of soft texture of candy; the surface is polished candy Bright solid candy; gum is white sugar candy (or sweetener) and plastic-based material can be made of materials or blowing chewing candy; inflatable of sugar candy is within the finer uniform bubble candy; Pressed candy after granulation, bonding, forming the suppression of candy.

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